Monte Roberto farm situation


The case of the Monte Roberto farm began with a complaint submitted by the private company Sincrateia, in the person of Aristide Tesei, with owners Irene Morelli and Carlo and Andrea Tesei, raising issues of an environmental nature connected with our Monte Roberto farm. Having failed to identify any risk to the environment or to public health, the Council of State raised an issue solely regarding interpretation of urban-planning regulations between the regulatory plans of the Province of Ancona and the Municipality of Monte Roberto, with resolution of the problems identified under the control of local institutions, in which the Company is uninvolved and, in fact, is an aggrieved party.

In the meantime, despite being external to such administrative problems, reiterating its status as aggrieved party, the Fileni Group, in the interests of the Company, employees and all operators in the supply chain in question, decided to make an appeal to the Council of State for the right to continue business whilst awaiting resolution of the administrative discrepancy by local administrations. In fact, in 2020, the Monte Roberto farm was operating with all of the necessary authorisations, properly issued by local institutions (Marche Region, province of Ancona and Municipality of Monte Roberto) with approval of the competent authorities (including ARPAM, ASUR [regional health authority] and the supervisory authority).

Claiming, therefore, that there are other motivations or disputes associated with this case therefore represents unfounded speculation, whatever the source.

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